Independent Cinema

“Independent cinema” as film outside the established system of filmmaking. Probably even more widely, beyond the established system of values: the experimental, low-budget, underground, various new wave, and so on.

Is there anything like that in Asia? Yes, of course! But it needs to be showcased more, hence the raison d’etre for Asia Independent.

Asia Independent is a movement to nurture and independent filmmaking talent for a better and broader worldwide filmmaking community. While the marketplace for multi-million dollar Hollywood-Bollywood blockbusters is certainly thriving, the reality is that the future of the industry is directly tied to the health and success of independent filmmaking. This is where the majority of Hollywood-Bollywood – from actors to directors – get their start. Unfortunately, though, many challenges exist. While independent filmmaking isn’t at risk of going extinct, it’s also not accurate to say the industry is 100 percent healthy.
Today’s independent filmmakers face a number of challenges. Some of them are unique and others have existed for decades like- Money and Financing, Video on Demand, Decline of Innovative Storytelling, Creative Control etc.
This year we are expected to be joined by 200+ independent filmmakers to debate, to argue, to discuss towards the future of independent filmmaking.
Asia Independent aim is to help you launch your professional filmmaking career. We will not only screen the films for the audience but also give you the chance to be represented by us at major film markets for your film sales.