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A Drama will compete with Drama whereas a thriller will compete with a thriller. From years of experience, we have conceived the believe that we cannot compare two different genre film. As we want to give filmmakers a fair chance to be on our film line-up we will compare our submission Genre-Wise, so if you have made a Horror film don’t worry you don’t have to fight with a musical.  

Just like your film, our fest is also a truly independent event. We survive through the support of the filmmakers and the film lovers. So it’s an Indie First event by the indie filmmakers for the indie filmmakers.

International Standard
We are biased towards outstanding contents. Your film will be seen five times before it made it to the official selection list. So you can flaunt your laurel like never before.


Asian Fiction Short

Perspective (8m, India)
dir. by Adinath Kothare

Warm Snow (10m, China)
dir. by Xiaoming Ding

The brewer (30m, China, Taiwan)
dir. by Jiajing Bao

Interview – Sorry day (10m, South Korea)
dir. by Kiwon Bae

Until we meet again (8m, Japan)
dir. by Tetsuya Okabe

Next Stop Is (19m, Macao)
dir. by Peeko Wong

Asian Non-Fiction Short

The Granary of Salcete (38m, India)
dir. by Vince Costa

Student Fiction Short

(A)neethi (18m, India)
dir. by Sriram KanchanaThangaraj

Gem (11m, Australia)
dir. by Imogen McCluskey

A Boy Called Su (8m, Australia)
dir. by Vedrana Music


Student Non-Fiction Short

Escape (18m, U S A)
dir. by Xibei Hu

The Preservation of the Yingxian Wooden Pagoda (23m, Hong Kong)
dir. by Daniel Lai

International Fiction Short

A bottle of love (20m, South Korea)
dir. by LAK JUNG KOH

Monster City (30m, Taiwan)
dir. by LO-TIEN LI

The Storycollector (15m, Italy)
dir. by Lisa Maria Kerschbaumer

Silent Composition (4m, U S A)
dir. by Dane Brinkmeier

dir. by Nardeep Khurmi

Close Encounters of the Literal Kind, Literally (4m, United Kingdom)
dir. by Tobias Tobbell

International Non-Fiction Short

Ellie, Heart Warrior (12m, U S A)
dir. by JOSH TRAN

Stay Ups (11m, Sweden)
dir. by Joanna Rytel

Something’s Changing (19m, United Kingdom)
dir. by Lucy Rose

Structures of Nature (19m, Germany)
dir. by Martin Gerigk

Asian Fiction Feature

Jamsil (123m, South Korea)
dir. by Wanmin Lee

A CALLING (117m, India)
dir. by Aadish Keluskar

TISAY (100m, Philippines)
dir. by Alfonso Torre

Asian Non-Fiction Feature

Pani; Women, drugs and Kathmandu. (87m, Nepal)
dir. by Raul Gallego Abellan

The Saints of Sin (85m, India)
dir. by Aniruddha (Oni) Sen

International Fiction Feature

The Baggage (91m, Philippines)
dir. by Zig Dulay

International Non-Fiction Feature

Jamaica Man (65m, Jamaica, U S A)
dir. by Michael Weatherly

Westwind: Djalu’s Legacy (82m, United Kingdom, Australia)
dir. by Ben Strunin

Tomorrowland (70m, Iran)
dir. by Sarvnaz Alambeigi

We are alright (64m, Poland)
dir. by Borys Niespielak

Freedom Stories (99m, Australia)
dir. by Steve Thomas